Ricky Beamer is the main protagonist of the fiftieth Goosebumps book, Calling All Creeps!.

History Edit

Ricky wanted revenge on Tasha McClain by putting her number in an ad saying, "if you're a real creep, call Tasha."; However, Tasha finds out and switches her number to his own number. He then gets calls from people who claim they are Creeps. These creeps turned out to be the four school bullies David, Jared, Brenda, and Wart, and Ricky became their commander. Ricky had a plan to play along, and stop them from feeding the entire school cookies laid with identity creep seeds. But they kept making fun of him. In retaliation, he lets the kids eat the cookies because he was tired of being mistreated. Once all the children become Creeps, Ricky would command them as he eats the same cookie.

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Ricky is twelve years old, Caucasian, skinny, with short black hair, dark eyes and cheek full of freckles. He also wears glasses.

Personality Edit

For a lot of his life, Ricky had to put up with teasing and bullying at school, such as being called names like "Ricky Rat" and "Sicky Ricky." He has never had any friends since most of them have viewed him as a nerd. Because of this, Ricky has been angry and bitter towards the kids who pick on him and never understood why they always did. There are also possible times where Ricky would really lose it and be driven to have revenge. The person Ricky has the worst relationship with is Tasha, as she looks down on him because he is a sixth grader and would scream at him if he made a mistake. He also has a bad relationship with Brenda, David, Jared and Wart as they would also pick on him, up until they had find out that Ricky was their "commander." The only person that Ricky is good friends with is Iris as she has seen what was inside of Ricky. Ricky is a good person, but can sometimes be pretty naive and clumsy and he is also very hardworking. It is unknown if Ricky has this personality now that he has become a Creep.

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Story Role
Calling All Creeps! Protagonist

Trivia Edit

  • Ricky was the first protagonist in the original series to let an antagonist succeed in their plan.
  • Ricky appears in his Creep form in the film. Like most of the other monsters, he has no lines.
  • He briefly appears in the game Goosebumps HorrorTown, as a writer for the school paper.

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