This character is a fan character, meaning they do not appear in any official Goosebumps media.


Percy with Danny, drawn by Cynder Rush/SilverGriffinflare in A7XSparx's style.

Percy Pickett is a self insert character, or persona, created by Cynder Rush/SilverGriffinflare. He is a Horror who works as a security guard in HorrorLand.


Percy is a European Horror, and therefore is purple with green stripes, claws and horns, and yellow eyes, hair and underbelly. Just like the other headcanon Horrors, his appearance is based on that of a goat and velociraptor, with long, floppy ears and green, hooved feet, and a long snout with sharp teeth, a long, prehensile tail, slit pupils and scales. Unlike most Horrors, however, he has yellow freckles along his snout and cheeks. His hair is cut asymetrically, so it covers his right eye, and although they are not shown in Cynder Rush's style, he appears to have yellow eyebrows. His uniform consists of a white shirt and a purple and green waistcoat with a Horrorland Security badge pinned onto it, and a clip-on bowtie in the shape of a bat. He wears dark grey trousers that end at the foot. Sometimes, he wears a cap.


City lights16

Percy being possessed by Slappy shown for the first time, in a MAP part.

Occasionally, Slappy will 'possess' Percy, and Percy will be completely uner Slappy's control. When this happens, Percy's pupils will change from slits to swirls. This 'possession' doesn't last long, as it puts stress on both Percy and Slappy, and after a while it causes Percy to bleed from his nose, mouth, eyes and ears (not always visible as his ears are long and cover it up).

Changes in appearanceEdit

He used to have gold stud earings in each ear, however the right one was torn out by Slappy in vacation of the living dummy. His right horn is broken in two, and his left has a slight crack in it, from where he fell onto Nancy's breakfast bar in vacation of the living dummy. His hair has also grown longer over time, so his broken horn is not always visible when viewed from the left side.


Unlike most Horrors, Percy is very fearful (most Horrors don't feel fear very strongly). His fears include heights, fire, insects (especially butterflies), vacuum cleaners, mirrors and dolls. He is a little shy, but gets more extroverted around someone he knows. He is also lazy, and eats a lot.


Vacation of the Living Dummy

Slappy's visitor (mentioned)

Percy works the nightshift


  • He is good friends with Bert Van Houten.
  • He is named after the character Cynder Rush played in a performance of Bugsy Malone, Pickett.
    • He was first drawn in the dressing rooms during the first night of performing.
  • Although he likes his job, he would much rather work with the werewolves or in 'dancing with the squids'.
  • It is said that he lives in HorrorLand, but it is never stated whereabouts.