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Horrors differences

A reference sheet of this headcanon.

The Horrors are a race of bipedal horned monsters that run and live in HorrorLand amusement park. This species Horrors appear in Cynder Rush/SilverGriffinflare's stories, art and videos.


European Horrors have mostly purple, scaly skin with green stripes, and yellow pawpads. They have yellow hair on the top of their heads and running down the back of their necks like a mane. They have four-fingered hands (including opposibe thumbs) with long green claws making up most of their fingers. They have a yellow underbelly made up of very long scales which although looks hard is actually soft. They have human-like torsos and goatlike legs with two-toed hooves. Their tails are very long and prehensile, and look like that of a dinosaur. Their heads are simmilar in shape to that of a velociraptor, with horns and ears like those seen on a goat. They have bright yellow eyes with slit pupils. The hard parts of their bodies (the horns, claws and hooves) are green, whilst the softer parts (bellies, pawpads and the inside of their ears) are yellow. They have two small fangs at the front of the mouth and two larger ones in the middle, which stick out at the front, and sometimes two small fangs at the back.

Physical attributesEdit

Horrors are neither reptiles or mammals. Instead, they are a sort of 'in-between', possessing qualities of both. European Horrors have scales, slit pupils, forked tongues and lay eggs like reptiles, however they also have hair, ears, hooves and are warm blooded, like mammals. Their blood is green, as a reference to the Goosebumps book series Monster Blood. Their bright colours evolved as a warning to others that their bite and blood is poisonous to most other creatures.

Differences between males and femalesEdit

There are some slight differences between male and female European Horrors. Males tend to be smaller than females, although not by much. Females also have thicker leg muscles for running long distances (in the past, this would be used for hunting prey. The females would run the prey down and and the males would help finish the job as they are quicker runners). The hair on female horrors also grows faster than the males, so they tend to wear it long because it's easier.


There are two main 'mutations' that can occur in a European Horror. Sometimes they are born with ears sticking up instead of flopping down. This is quite common and has a strange correlation with the sexuality of a Horror. Horrors can also be born with yellow freckles, which is rarer. Really rare mutations are lack of tail, green eyes/heterochromia and ginger hair.

Alpha HorrorsEdit

There are alpha Horrors which in the past would have lead packs (nowadays they lead businesses and such). They are quite rare, as being an alpha is a recessive gene. Alphas have broader shoulders, tend to be stockier, have forward-facing horns like a ram and fur on their cheecks. Male alphas can also sometimes have 'beards', with the fur running all along their jawline.

Psychological and behavioral attributesEdit

They are not as intelligent as humans, but they are still very intelligent. Most don't feel fear or anger very strongly, and feel excitement incredibly strongly. They are mostly extroverted but some introverted Horrors do exist (it's just less common that with humans).  They are social creatures and in the past lived in packs. Although they are bipedal, they normally run on all fours, but they can also run on two legs.


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